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Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price

4-Methoxyphencyclidine, abbreviated ask 4-MeO-PCP is a synthetic dissociative of the arylcyclohexylamine class which produces hallucinogenic and anesthetic effects. Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.

A 1999 review published by a chemist using the pseudonym John Q. Beagle suggested the potency of 4-MeO-PCP in man was reduced relative to PCP.

Two years later, Beagle published a detailed description of the synthesis and qualitative effects of 4-MeO-PCP which he said possessed 70% of the potency of PCP.

Pharmacology Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.

4-MeO-PCP acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist. NMDA receptors allow for electrical signals to pass between neurons in the brain and spinal column; for the signals to pass, the receptor must be open.

Dissociatives close the NMDA receptors by blocking them. This disconnection of neurons leads to loss of feeling, difficulty moving, and eventually an almost identical equivalent of the famous “k-hole.”

4-MeO-PCP has a lower affinity for the NMDA receptor than PCP, but a higher affinity than ketamine.
It is orally active in a dosage range similar to ketamine with some users requiring doses in excess of 100mg for desired effects.
Users have reported substantial differences in active dose; these discrepancies can be partially explained by the presence of unreacted PCC and other impurities in samples sold on the grey market.
Though 4-MeO-PCP has been suggested to possess dopaminergic activity, it is a relatively selective ligand for the NMDA receptor without appreciable affinity for the dopamine transporter.

Subjective Effects Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.

The effects listed below cite the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), research literature based on anecdotal reports and personal experiences.

As a result, they should be regarded with a healthy degree of skepticism. It is worth noting that these effects will not necessarily occur in a predictable or reliable manner, although higher doses are more liable to induce the full spectrum of effects.

Visual effects Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.

Suppression Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.

  • Visual disconnection – This eventually results in 4-MeO-PCP’s equivalent of the famous “k-hole” or, more specifically, holes, spaces, and voids alongside structures.
  • Visual acuity suppression
  • Double vision Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.
  • Pattern recognition suppression
  • Frame rate suppression


  • Perspective distortions
  • Environmental cubism
  • Environmental orbs
  • Scenery slicing

Physical effects

  • Dizziness
  • Motor control loss
  • Nausea
  • Perception of bodily lightness
  • Physical autonomy
  • Physical euphoria
  • Spatial disorientation
  • Spontaneous physical sensations
  • Tactile disconnection
  • Tactile suppression
  • Optical sliding

Cognitive effects

  • Amnesia
  • Anxiety suppression
  • Consciousness disconnection
  • Compulsive redosing
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Already seen
  • Depersonalization
  • Derealization
  • Disinhibition
  • Dream potentiation
  • Existential self-realization
  • Euphoria
  • Memory suppression
  • Ego death
  • Immersion enhancement
  • Increased music appreciation

Potentially Dangerous Interactions

Although many psychoactive substances are reasonably safe to use on their own, they can suddenly become dangerous or even life-threatening when combined with other substances.

The following list includes some known dangerous combinations. Independent research should always be conducted to ensure that a combination of two or more substances is safe to consume.
Some of the listed interactions have been sourced from TripSit.


Both stimulants and dissociatives carry the risk of adverse psychological reactions like anxiety, mania, delusions, and psychosis, and these risks are exacerbated when the two substances are combined.

Depressants Buy 4-MEO-PCP Online, Buy 50g 4-MEO-PCP Cheap Price.

Because both depress the respiratory system, this combination can result in an increased risk of suddenly falling unconscious, vomiting, and choking to death from the resulting suffocation.

If nausea or vomiting occurs, users should attempt to fall asleep in the recovery position or have a friend move them into it.

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